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One of the higher motivating factors of “” would be to become an organizing force towards bringing the various recycling industries. We are seeking to use recyclable waste matter to develop new building materials to foster low-cost housing and using veterans and homeless to get the job done. Which in turn fosters housing for them. To that end, we develop the patented Water Reclamation Cannister. This is our very first product developed to change the way we think about recycling. As recycling begins at the hands of each one of us.

The invention is a greywater reclaiming container and system. It is comprised of two containers, an inner container that captures liquids destined for drainage and an outer liquid container for reclaiming water. There is a screen on the top of the inner container allowing ice to be filtered from liquid drinks as ice is freshwater which usually gets thrown away in cups into the trash can. The ice goes to the outer liquid container where it is melted into usable water.

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As always, partners grows with you!