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What We Do

One Man's Trash, Is Other Man's Treasure

Convert Waste

We use Worms to collect and convert Waste into a valuable product to help heal the earth.


We teach the world to save water and fight pollution

Franchise System

We offer our OMTSYSTEM, as a franchise to every town, and every country in the world. We co-op with our franchisees to help them sell their worms/ castings.


Published by Fulton Books, Edward Jones’s book invites the reader to unlearn the last ninety years of bad habits with respect to earth’s nature resources, trash and post-packaging and learn about alternatives to creating liquid toxic poison that goes into landfills, how is it created, how is it made, what is it doing to our fresh water streams, rivers, oceans, countries, thusly the world.

Now imagine not being able to do anything about it because there are no simple systems in place to allow people to dispose liquids properly, and stop killing ourselves, our air, water and seas.  or because humans are too lazy to stop for a minute and think about what is that we are throwing away, our world.

This explains the necessity for creating such products  as his new patented product, the Water Reclamation Canister.