Our First Vermicology Workshop 10/15, 16/18 Turlock K12 Cunningham School.

Our VP of Education & Treasurer Dawn Dalyce has 50 years of experience growing plants & raising & showing animals of all types. Dawn is a UC Davis Master Gardener, Past Vp of Modesto Garden Club, Past President of the Stockton Cactus and Succulent Society & Past President of the winning with words Toastmaster’s club. Dawn has experience in rescuing as well as tasing animals.
She has rescued bees, sheep, horses, calves, rabbits, guinea pigs, tortoises, lizards, dogs, cats and more. She owned a 150 dog/ 50 car show/boarding and rescue kennel, had horses for decades including Arabian horses raised with the fabulous Jack Ton Ranch and owned a heard of 50 milk goats. Her various careers include being a pediatric nurse, a labor/delivery/nursery nurse.

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