Organization Intro

One Man's Trash, Is Other Man's Treasure

We are a group of highly motivated individuals who are looking for similar individuals who realize that we can make a difference in this world’s atmosphere and help restore the balance on this earth’s surface. And the most important thing that we all can do starts with paying attention to the “The Aftermeal”, what happens just after we finish consuming each meal.
We are out to change the way people see trash, as post packaging instead of garbage. We create intelligent systems to deal with waste management.

Our Mission

Our mission is for OMTSYSTEM to educate and support franchisees in every town in every country so they are collecting organic TRASH and converting it thru vermicomposting , into worm castings TREASURE. Our franchisees will sell worms, worm castings/compost, and be paid to collect trash products. Our franchisees will also educate people to recycle, stop chemical and plastic pollution, clean up and save water, grow organic food, save bees and animals, and together we will MAKE EARTH GREAT AGAIN .

Our Vision

Our vision at OMTSYSTEM is to Make Earth Great Again, by developing an organization of franchisees worldwide, who will remove garbage and trash from the earth, and help earth heal by providing her the natural fertilizer she needs to feed everyone.

Our Core Values

Clean water, and a healthy ecosystem are to be treasured and restored

Love for the Earth and All Creatures is right

Education +Good Work+ Persistence = Success

Together We Can Do Anything . If it’s to be, it’s up to us

Honest and Caring People are Treasures too

Recycling 80%
Animal Rescue 65%
Warm Farming 50%
Water Reclamation 70%
Education [ Omt-University ] 90%

How We Do It

One Man's Trash, Is Other Man's Treasure

Education CSA Community Service Announcements

We educate the community with respect to waste issues that we see,

Convert Waste

We use Worms to convert Waste into a viable product.

Collect & Recycle

we collect and recycle waste from local establishments to facilitate recycling programs.

Ivory Farms

We run Ivory Farms is an animal rescue service Start off with these I will come up with the other services that we provide soon.

Alternative Energy

we are starting an international movement to acquire as many alternative energy partners as possible, by starting them off in alternative energy co-ops, which will sell back worms to us.

Our Projects

One Man's Trash, Is Other Man's Treasure