In this edition, I’m talking about the poisoning of our freshwater supply and how the streams of freshwater are diminishing. How important it is to separate liquids, animal and vegetable waste, within the black liner bag, which is our default method of waste removal. how important my new product will be towards the prevention of creating toxic liquid waste in the black liner bag. My new invention is the WRC, water reclamation canister. My first patented product from

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Senate Bill 1383 (S 1383) requires that residents and businesses divert organic material away from the landfill. Organic byproducts like food scraps, food soiled paper products, compostable paper, and yard trimmings make up a large portion of the waste that is dumped in the landfills each year.

Getting cross contaminated items out of the black line the bag is the goal and we have done that. We’ve got to express that in marketing terms.

Collecting liquid from the dining table at a restaurant is a very contagious process. We need to show how the WRC does this effectively