The Aftermeal


The Rules of Recycling

  1. Aftermeal Ambassador Creed
  2. Aftermeal Ambassadors understand the MEGA (Make Earth Great Again) methodology and refuse to mix “Aftermeal” waste liquids of any type IE: ice, water, soda, etc into containers with other solid waste matter. IE: paper, animal waste, vegetable waste, etc. especially eating out restaurants. This is #1 fact against fight in global warming!
  3. Aftermeal Ambassadors understand that our “Aftermeal” should and must be dealt with on separation by elemental type, IE: Carbons, and Nitrogens basis.  Which facilitates recycling.
  4. Aftermeal Ambassadors understand that leftover food items “Aftermeal” can be a natural resource product, and should be cleaned as much as possible prior to recycling efforts.
  5. Aftermeal Ambassadors understand that leftover packaging items “post packaging” can be a natural resource product, and should be cleaned as much as possible prior to recycling efforts.
  6. Aftermeal Ambassadors are usually environmentalists who feel strongly about saving the earth and would participate in developing further rules of waste management that govern restaurant discharge of Aftermeal and other After use items of product.

This industry is under construction and is designed by you.




Published by Fulton Books, Edward Jone’s book invites the reader to unlearn the last ninety years of bad habits with respect to earth’s nature resources, trash and post-packaging and learn about alternatives to creating liquid toxic poison that goes into landfills, how is it created, how is it made, what is it doing to our fresh water streams, rivers, oceans, countries, thusly the world. Now imagine not being able to do anything about it because there are no simple systems in place to allow people to dispose liquids properly, and stop killing ourselves, our air, water and seas.  or because humans are too lazy to stop for a minute and think about what is that we are throwing away, our world. This explains the necessity for creating such products  as his new patented product, the Water Reclamation Canister.


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